The Intro

For 2013, The Fringe Files showcased new psychological thriller Underline, written by Michael Starr and directed by Stuart Lyddon.

The Trailer

Here's the official video trailer:

The Plot

A tale of three commuters roving an underground train carriage. A fable of three strangers, adhering to a series of events, leading to an encounter. One reality for three passengers, sharing an aligned journey, where not all is as it seems.

The Notes

For this production, The Fringe Files welcomed Andrew Meadows and Rozy Watson for the first time as a performer and hair / make-up artist respectively. Ian Tapner (tech), Gordon Watson (tech), Quintin Mitchell (performer), Adam Holland (performer) and Stuart Lyddon (director) all returned. Michael Starr (producer) and Jeff Haas (graphic illustrator) completed the line-up.

The Timetable

Rehearsals took place between June and September 2013 at The Bear Hotel (Wincanton) and The Nog Inn (Wincanton). Performance venues included The Bear Hotel (Wincanton) on September 29, 2013, Stanchester Academy (Stoke sub Hamdon) on October 10, 2013 & The Rhoda McGaw Theatre, as part of the Woking Drama Festival (October 12, 2013)

The Team

The following members were involved in this production:

The Accolades

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The Archives

We like to document our production progress via our online blog. Do be sure to check out our posts relating to Underline.

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The Script

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