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For 2015, The Fringe Files presented new stage play Samantha, written and directed by Michael Starr. This script marked a return to dramatic theatre for the company.

The Trailer

Here's the official video trailer:

The Plot

This play is a three character piece exploring Munchhausen by proxy, focusing specifically on the struggles of a mother and her young daughter.

The Notes

For this production, The Fringe Files welcomed Joshua Phillips (performer), Imogen Greenwood (performer), Robert Walker (photography), Mark Williamson (photography), Rhian Brimble (tech), Sarah Brady (hair / make-up & stage manager), Mickey Berry (stage manager) and Murilo Leite D’Imperio (dance consultant) for their debut show with us. Stalwarts Ian Tapner (props master) and Michael Starr (writer / director) both returned for their forth and fifth production respectively. Theresa Roche (performer) returned to The Fringe Files for the first time since our 2011 inaugural show, The Curse of Miss Fortune, to complete the line-up.

Samantha marked a permanent HQ switch back to Bristol for The Fringe Files. The company were previously based in Somerset between 2012 and 2014.

The Timetable

Auditions were held on April 12, 2015. Rehearsals ran from July to October 2015 at The Drawbridge (Bristol). Performance venues included Hamilton House (Bristol) on October 3, 2015, The Rhoda McGaw Theatre, as part of the Woking Drama Festival (October 10, 2015) & the Riverside Arts Centre, as part of the Spelthorne & Runnymede Drama Festival (October 23, 2015).

The Team

The following members were involved in this production:

The Accolades

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The Archives

We like to document our production progress via our online blog. Do be sure to check out our posts relating to Samantha.

The Statistics

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The Script

Please refer to our Scripts Page if you are interested in performing this play. Please also consider making a Token Donation to the writer.