The Curse of Miss Fortune

For 2011, The Fringe Files showcased new comedy whodunit spoof The Curse of Miss Fortune, written and directed by Michael Starr, with directional assistance from Quintin Mitchell.

The Plot

Traditional British 70’s satire meets Classic 50’s transatlantic noir, with a dollop of 80’s B-movie magic. Introducing The Curse of Miss Fortune, a minimalistic cross-genre satire comedy featuring a gullible couple, a sex-mad boss, a seductive femme fatale, an angry landlord, a flirty secretary and a cursed pig?!

The Notes

The Curse of Miss Fortune was the debut production for The Fringe Files. Auditions and rehearsals were held at The Backwell Playhouse (Bristol).

The Timetable

Rehearsals took place between May and July, 2011 at The Backwell Playhouse (Bristol). Performance venues were at The Backwell Playhouse (Bristol) on July 31, 2011, The Hen & Chickens Theatre Pub (Islington) August 7, 2011 & theSpaces UK @ Edfringe (Edinburgh), as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (August 9 to 13, 2011)

The Team

The following members contributed to this production:

The Script

This script is now available to digitally download for free. Please do consider offering a token donation to the writer.