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With a brand new play written and directed by Michael Starr. Samantha is a three piece drama exploring Munchhausen by proxy, starring Imogen GreenwoodTheresa Roche & Joshua Phillips,


Getting Involved

We are always keen to hear from local people interested in volunteering their services for all areas of theatre. We offer a platform for individuals to perform at high level competitive events, which ultimately will suit those hoping to leap into an adventure on the amateur festival circuit or those hoping to enhance their own theatre resumes with some impressive credentials.

Please be sure to Register as a Member on this website. Whilst registering, do pick your areas of interest from the field provided. By registering as a member, you will automatically be added onto our mailing list for future opportunities. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Spaces & Shows

Since 2011, The Fringe Files have presented shows at a variety of performance venues. Below is a definitive list of these spaces, along with links to the relevant show pages:

Samantha (2015) tbc (Bristol), The Rhoda McGaw Theatre (Woking), Riverside Arts Centre (Sunbury), Belfrey Theatre (Wellington)
A Tail of Forklure (2014) The Bear (Wincanton), The Place (Taunton)The Underground Theatre (Eastbourne), Riverside Arts Centre (Sunbury), Shaftesbury Arts Centre (Shaftesbury), Memorial Hall (Wincanton)
Underline (2013) The Bear (Wincanton), Stanchester Academy (Stoke-sub-Hamdon), The Rhoda McGaw Theatre (Woking)
The Cook Did It! (2012) Memorial Hall (Wincanton), The Rhoda McGaw Theatre (Woking), The Drawbridge (Bristol)
The Curse of Miss Fortune (2011) Backwell Playhouse (Bristol), The Hen & Chickens Theatre Pub (London), Surgeons Hall (Edinburgh)