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Cosmic Capsules (series)

Cosmic Capsules is a collection of interlocking standalone science fiction comedy stage plays, written by Michael Starr. Cosmic Capsules started life in 2005 as an animated webisode series.

Planet of the Zers (2016) was the first story to be adapted and released under the Cosmic Capsules theatre play series. The second, The Spirit of Krud, is currently under early development.

The Videos

Here's a couple of teaser trailers:

Above: An early webisode trailer from 2005 featuring Captain Bracknell Joseph and the crew of the Protectorate of Worlds vessel, The Wacktictacular, an exploration ship which crash lands onto the surface of Zer, a planet in the Paragon Six system.

Above: An early teaser trailer for the 2016 theatrical reboot of the Cosmic Capsules series, featuring debut stage play, Planet of the Zers, produced by The Fringe Files.

Above: The official theatre trailer for the world premiere of Planet of the Zers (2016), produced by The Fringe Files.

Above: An early teaser trailer for The Spirit of Krud, the second play in the Cosmic Capsules science fiction comedy series written by Michael Starr.

The Play Series

The Spirit of Krud (TBA) Planet of the Zers (2016)

The Archives

We like to document our production progress via our online blog. Do be sure to check out our posts relating to the Cosmic Capsules series.