History of The Fringe Files theatre company

An Introduction

The Fringe Files are a multi-award winning touring theatre company based in the West of England. Occasionally, we pull together a team of volunteer creatives and present a brand new stage play at a major arts event, such as a fringe or a drama festival.

Getting Involved

We currently operate as an amateur company which will ultimately suit those looking to jump into an adventure on the amateur scene or those hoping to enhance their own theatre resumes with some impressive credentials.

Our Social Spaces

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Our Productions

We've proudly presented the following productions:

And have been actively involved with:

Our Venue Partners

We’ve been fortunate enough to have presented productions from across a whole range of spaces both large and small.

Rehearsal Spaces

We would like to thank the following venues for kindly hosting our rehearsals and/or read throughs:

Past Festivals / Fringes

Here's a full listing of major drama or fringe festivals that we have been involved with over the years:

Our Statistics

  • Productions = 8
  • Performances = 38
  • Locations = 25
  • Festivals = 13
  • Countries = 2
  • Award Nominations = 30
  • Award Wins = 5

Our Blog Archives

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Our Members

Introducing a definitive list of our members, past and present, and the number of productions that they have been involved with.

Our Accolades

We are truly honoured to have received a number of festival awards / nominations over the years.