TNSGFO of 1983 Rehearsals 01/10/2017

And now, the end is near, and so we face… the final curtain. Literally, our final rehearsal and three script runs completed (go us!). Next week, we’ll be doing our technical and then, performances begin! We are performing in Bristol at The Watershed (next week as I type this! What!!). It’s frightening to be honest and has all come about so quickly. We’re pretty much ready now though, and there’s an element of sadness with the knowledge that this will be The Fringe Files‘s final production for quite a while. We enter sleep mode beyond The Not so Great Fallout of 1983. We’ll be back for sure at some point, but when… who knows, perhaps in time for our 10th anniversary?!

So… Bristol… Woking… Sunbury… Are you ready for us? The Box Office is now open. We’ll see you there.

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Michael Starr

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