Techie’s Log Stardate: 14th April – Now the end is near!

It was our last full rehearsal for Planet of the Zers on Tuesday. It made me sad to think that it’s the end of working with such a great team! I’ve had the best time and laughed like a fool at every rehearsal with these brave explorers into the world of Sci-Fi spoofing. Saturday we have our last performance at Backwell Playhouse, then we’re going to have a nice and well-earned rest before a possible project to film the play.

So it’s with sadness and joy I sign off for the penultimate time. It’s been a pleasure working with this lot; as you can see – we’re all run down and ready for a break now!

Techie’s Log: Stardate Tuesday 22nd March

I’ve just realised that I forgot to take piccies during last nights rehearsal, so I’ve added a pic from the Maidenhead festival day instead. It shows our massive set squeezed into the stage lift.

Hello, I’m Michael and I’m blogging on behalf of Rhian this week. It’s been seven days since we last updated, and what an eventful time it’s been. We all trekked up (see what I did there?) to Maidenhead to present Planet of the Zers at the annual drama festival there. We did well, albeit a couple of minor technical issues. We came a very respectable 6th, with a score of 72/100, which isn’t bad considering. I think the team should be very proud of themselves, especially when you look at previous festival successes.

It was Phoebe‘s final performance with us. Phoebe has been a brilliant Officer Enya and we thank her for being part of the team. This brings me nicely around to last night. Our first rehearsal with Charlotte (officially). Charlotte is taking on the role of Officer Enya for our final(?) performance on April 16 back in Bristol. Lots of focus between now and then to make sure that we return to form for what will be the quarter finals of the all England national drama festival.

Techie’s Log – Stardate: 16th Feb 2016

Tonight the brave crew ploughed through two runs for our 2016 sci-fi parody, Planet of the Zers. There was laughter, tears and more projection than a room full of OAPs!

With just over a week until showtime, there’s palpable tension in the air but spirits are high and I remain very excited for our exploration into the wilds of The Backwell Playhouse (Bristol).

One more rehearsal this week, then it’s time for the techies to shine on Sunday as we boldly go to plot the lights and check the sound levels!

Planet of the Zers in 6 weeks!

As we enter 2016, we find ourselves in full swing with pre-production. Planet of the Zers, a brand new science fiction comedy, hits the rehearsal room next week, and we have just six weeks to prepare until our first performance (next month!), I know, a frightening prospect!

The Fringe Files welcome some old faces (not literally) and a whole bunch of new ones this time around, and we’ll be mixing up the scheduling a bit. Planet of the Zers is our first ever Spring production, perhaps the first of many. Last week, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary! I can’t believe we’ve been producing new plays for half a decade. How times flies by!

During our rehearsal run, we’ll be blogging updates exclusively here, so be sure to bookmark our website and keep an eye on what we’re up to. Videos, photos, interviews and trailers will all appear over the next few weeks. Thank you for your support and we look forward to see you during the show run from late February to mid-March.