Techie’s log, Stardate: The final curtain

So here it is, the final day (as far as we know) this afternoon were performing for a home crowd at Backwell Playhouse. Being back in Bristol is a really fabulous way to round off this journey. I haven’t had such a great time in rehearsals for ages and I couldn’t have dreamed for a better team to work with. Sorry for being gushy but it has honestly been a pleasure to work with the team we have. If you find yourself at a loose end this afternoon I highly recommend coming to watch us. This is the techie, for now, signing off.

Thanks for reading!

Techie’s Log Stardate: 14th April – Now the end is near!

It was our last full rehearsal for Planet of the Zers on Tuesday. It made me sad to think that it’s the end of working with such a great team! I’ve had the best time and laughed like a fool at every rehearsal with these brave explorers into the world of Sci-Fi spoofing. Saturday we have our last performance at Backwell Playhouse, then we’re going to have a nice and well-earned rest before a possible project to film the play.

So it’s with sadness and joy I sign off for the penultimate time. It’s been a pleasure working with this lot; as you can see – we’re all run down and ready for a break now!

Techie’s Log: Stardate Tuesday 22nd March

I’ve just realised that I forgot to take piccies during last nights rehearsal, so I’ve added a pic from the Maidenhead festival day instead. It shows our massive set squeezed into the stage lift.

Hello, I’m Michael and I’m blogging on behalf of Rhian this week. It’s been seven days since we last updated, and what an eventful time it’s been. We all trekked up (see what I did there?) to Maidenhead to present Planet of the Zers at the annual drama festival there. We did well, albeit a couple of minor technical issues. We came a very respectable 6th, with a score of 72/100, which isn’t bad considering. I think the team should be very proud of themselves, especially when you look at previous festival successes.

It was Phoebe‘s final performance with us. Phoebe has been a brilliant Officer Enya and we thank her for being part of the team. This brings me nicely around to last night. Our first rehearsal with Charlotte (officially). Charlotte is taking on the role of Officer Enya for our final(?) performance on April 16 back in Bristol. Lots of focus between now and then to make sure that we return to form for what will be the quarter finals of the all England national drama festival.

Techie’s Log: Stardate Tuesday 15th March

So now, the end is near…. Well almost. Tonight we took a run at the new rehearsal space – found by the wonderful Phoebe! It was warm, had loos, a kitchen, and quiet too. It was our last rehearsal with Phoebe playing Enya as we roll into our final performance with her this weekend. Charlotte is now making notes ready to take over the reins and voyage onwards to Backwell with us!

It was a rehearsal full of laughter, with the cast joking around with brooms and giggling away at script jokes. I have really loved working with these guys so far and Norden Farm on Saturday will hopefully be another great evening with them.

Roll on the weekend!

Techie’s log – Stardate: 14th March. Road trip

On the road again, with my fellow techies Mike and Charlotte. Yesterday I had a major theatre nerd moment seeing the rig at Norden Farm. Its a beautiful venue and they have a state of the art setup for lights and sound!

I’m really looking forward to our show on Saturday – its going to be a pleasure to work there!

Tech itself we had 50 minutes but only needed 25. We blew through the plans we had. Checking loads of detail and grabbing plenty of pictures!

Roll on rehearsal tomorrow and Saturday!