Christmas Evie rehearsal – 27/11/2016

As is now the tradition, here are some snaps taken from our 27/11/2016 rehearsal for Christmas Evie. Tickets are now on sale at our Online Box Office for this fantastic show, coming to St Werburghs Community Centre on Dec 17 & 18 on both the 2.30 and 7.30 time slots.

Christmas Evie rehearsal – 13/11/2016

It just occurred to me that we’re already a few weeks into the rehearsal process for our brand new 2016 show Christmas Evie and we haven’t even blogged from behind the scenes yet, which really isn’t like us. So, here’s our first blog entry (yaay!)

What’s Christmas Evie all about I hear you ponder. Well, as mentioned already, it’s a new family friendly seasonal show which goes live for two days only the week before Christmas in Bristol (England). This will be the first time The Fringe Files will present a full length show, which will feature our largest ever production team. Additionally, it’s the first time that we’ll produced a show at a fixed (non-touring) venue and the first time (lots of first times here) that we will perform during the Winter period.

Catering during the performances will be provided by Neck of the Woods café and there will be a local business sponsored raffle.

We are delighted to introduce new members Lisa Wynne (artwork design), Chris Harris-Beechey (performer), Charlotte Elizzabeth (performer), Will Leighton (Lighting Tech) & Emma Harris (performer) to the team as newbies.

Here’s the show blurb…

When rebellious sibling Grace consistently misbehaves during the build up to Christmas, the wicked Gimbel takes matters into his own hands, banishing Grace from the rest of her family and friends. Will Grace realise the error of her ways? Will sister Evie, mummy Candy and orphan friend Nicholas manage to rescue her? Join us for this fab feel good family friendly morality tale, featuring popular sing-along tunes along the way.

Christmas Evie promises to kick start your festive week with lots of silliness. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here. Do stay tuned on this site for plenty of behind the scenes images and videos.

Christmas Evie 2016 Trailer

We’re back with a very special gathering in Bristol to celebrate the 2016 Christmas season and we’re super excited to be presenting Christmas Evie, our seventh stage show, which promises to be a whole host of fun. As always, The Fringe Files will be blogging exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ footage and sharing thoughts fresh straight from the rehearsal floor. Do be sure to stay tuned here and on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our box office will open soon and tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Click here for more information on Christmas Evie.