Thumps up for Samantha debut!

A near sell out intimate audience gathered on Saturday to catch the preview of new play, Samantha, being performed at Hamilton House by theatre touring company The Fringe Files, and it was a rather eventful day. The performance itself was a glorified rehearsal scheduled in preparation for the forthcoming drama festival run. Alongside it, a one-off showing of monologue Mr Piddleswax, a monologue written only a day earlier following the drop out of our original support act.

The day itself was utterly chaotic, we had a sound box failure in the morning meaning that we had to switch to a laptop at the final moment for all our sound requirements. The sets paint hadn’t dried in time (despite being applied five days previously!) so much fun was to be had using hairdryers on it, yes, hand held hairdryers! Then, we were unable to access the venue itself due to onsite staff confusion over how to get to the lifts. Oh and we left a piece of furniture at home, cue a mad rush through Bristol in the final moments (we made it back on time). I think it’s fair to say that it was utterly chaotic, but the performances themselves went well and the audience seemed to enjoy them both.

A massive thank you to everybody who made the journey. We really appreciated it. Now on to the Woking Drama Festival for us, where we’ll be presenting Samantha on October 10th, 2015 alongside two other short plays. Tickets are available either at the Woking Drama Festival website or directly through The Fringe Files box office.

Samantha to preview in Bristol

So, it’s been quite the journey from initially getting my new play Samantha off the ground writing wise, to bringing it through the rehearsal process, but now, I’m delighted to confirm that our efforts are about to be visually presented, care of a special preview performance of Samantha, by The Fringe Files, on the 3rd Oct, 2015 at 4PM. There will only be 75 tickets released for this event, scheduled to take place at Hamilton House, in Bristol, for what will no doubt be a very intimate test run of this new piece of writing.