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British Playwright. Artistic Director of The Fringe Files. Daddy! Drama festival guru. Slave to needy cats!

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Acting, Box Office, Marketing, Production, Social Media, Technical (Sound), Website Content, Writing
The Not-So-Great Fallout of 1983 (2017), Christmas Evie (2016), Planet of the Zers (2016), Samantha (2015), A Tail of Forklure (2014), Underline (2013), The Cook Did It! (2012), The Curse of Miss Fortune (2011)
Best original play (nominated) (2017), NDFA play writing award (nominated) (2016), Best original play (nominated) (2016), Best new play (nominated) (2015), Technical excellence (nominated) (2015), Best new play (won) (2014), NDFA play writing award (nominated) (2014), Best male actor (nominated) (2012), Best new play (nominated) (2012)
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