The Cook Did It!

The Intro

For 2012, The Fringe Files presented new comedy farce The Cook Did It!, written by Michael Starr and directed collectively.

The Trailer

Here's the official video trailer:

The Plot

The once thriving Old Barn Country Hotel plays host to an unwanted spate of sinister murders. Jenkins undertakes the task of identifying the killer, however, it seems everybody has something to hide, except the cook, who’s really nice.

The Notes

For this production, The Fringe Files welcomed newbies Ian Tapner (stage design), Gordon Watson (tech), Jenny Ball (performer), Nathalie Eeckhout (performer), Adam Holland (performer) and Lauren Bowen (performer).

Regulars Quintin Mitchell (performer) and Arianne Wolodarsky (props master) both returned, whilst Michael Starr (performer / writer / producer) and graphic illustrator Jeff Haas completed the line-up.

The Timetable

Rehearsals took place between July and October, 2012 at The Nog Inn (Wincanton). Performance venues included The Rhoda McGaw Theatre, as part of the Woking Drama Festival (October 11th, 2012), The Memorial Hall (Wincanton) on November 3rd, 2012 & The Drawbridge (Bristol) on November 4th, 2012.

The Team

The following members were involved in this production:

The Accolades

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The Archives

We like to document our production progress via our online blog. Do be sure to check out our posts relating to The Cook Did It!

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The Script

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