The Fringe Files

Rehearsing In A Church!

Tonight, it was freezing. The joys of rehearsal in the old church. The cast and the crew sucked it up, at least for a little while. Halfway through the rehearsal, we bolted to the warmer side room.

Truth is, we don't really need that much space for a three-hand play. We can get away with working in that little warmer space, at least for now.

How the hell are we going to perform this play in this church?!

Things are shaping up nicely right now. The introduction of cameo performers has taken us up a level. I'm gazing around this vast room of practise, and my immediate thought is "How the hell are we going to perform this play in this church?!"

Logically, it's a bit of a nightmare. Deep echo, zero blackout on the enormous side windows, plug ports miles off range. Standard stuff we've got to deal with when we do pop-up performances. Over time we will overcome those problems. We always do.

And so, another rehearsal passes, and it's fair to say that we really feel buzzed about Blackhaven.

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