The Fringe Files

Blackhaven Rehearsal

October 28, 2017, that's the last time we got together as a collective. It was for our final performance of the four-time award nominated comedy, The Not so Great Fallout of 1983.

Eight hundred and four days have passed and, yeah, after a well-earned break, it is great to be back.

2020 is our year, it's the tenth anniversary of The Fringe Files and, of course, the summer beyond, we're going to celebrate that. For now, however, we are starting our ninth production, Blackhaven. It's going to be a cracking show.

For this production, we welcome a few new faces to the team, a standard protocol, but also a new rehearsal space, plus some unknown performance locations for this brand-new stage play. Blackhaven will also feature some very specially crafted cameo roles, performed by members of the past. Between them, we cover every single show that we've ever produced. Working with these guys again will be great. Some of them, we haven't seen in some time.

While we focus primarily on comedy, Blackhaven is an attempt at something different. Yes, we've made drama plays in the past, Underline (2013) and Samantha (2015) pop to mind, but this is our first attempt at that true genre of horror. However, we're not allowed to call it horror, so we're actually going to call it suspense, mainly because our rehearsal space is actually a church.

You can follow our behind the scenes progress here on our website. We can also be found lurking on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.