The Fringe Files


The Summary

The Fringe Files are a multi-award winning theatre touring company based in the vibrant city of Bristol. Each year, we pull together a team of creatives and present a brand new stage play at a major arts event, such as a fringe or drama festival. Formed in 2010 by British Playwright Michael Starr, The Fringe Files are considered to be one of the leading theatrical companies in the West of England.

Getting Involved

We are always keen to here from enthuastic folk interested in getting involved either with acting or behind the scenes. The majority of our members are from the West of England, rooted deep within the rural settings of Somerset and Dorset or city dwelling in or around the heartland of Bristol. We currently operate as an amateur company with all of our members volunteering their services. We offer a platform for individuals to perform at high level competitive events, which ultimately will suit those looking to jump into an adventure on the amateur festival circuit or those hoping to enhance their own theatre resumes with some impressive creditials.

To get directly involved, please do be sure to Register as a Member. It’s free, and this will put you straight onto our events mailing list. We also have a dedicated page set up on Facebook which is used to share content. Finally, we can be found on Twitter.

Production Timeline

Since our formation back in 2011, The Fringe Files have primarily presented new works at festivals and fringes across the United Kingdom. Here’s a timeline of our productions to date:-

Previous Venues

While we are a touring company, the majority of what we do revolves around drama festivals and fringes. So when we do a tour (more than one venue) it is usually in preparation for a main event. Since 2011, The Fringe Files have been fortunate enough to present productions at a selection of venues which include:-

Awards & Nominations

We are proud to have received the following award acknowledgements at drama festivals:-

A Tail of Forklure @ Spelthorne and Runnymede Drama Festival [2014]

  • “Best new play” for Michael Starr [won]
  • “The adjudicator’s choice” for Quintin Mitchell [won]
  • “NDFA playwriting award” for Michael Starr [nominated]
  • “Best comedy” [nominated]
  • “Best female actor” for Chantal Bargary [nominated]

Underline @ Woking Drama Festival [2013]

  • “Best lighting” for Gordon Watson [nominated]
  • “Best sound” for Gordon Watson [nominated]
  • “Best direction” for Stuart Lyddon [nominated]
  • “Technical excellence” for Stuart Lyddon [nominated]
  • “Best male actor” for Quintin Mitchell [nominated]

The Cook Did It! @ Woking Drama Festival [2012]

  • “Best lighting” for Gordon Watson [nominated]
  • “Best male actor” for Michael Starr [nominated]
  • “Best new play” for Michael Starr [nominated]