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Michael Starr

Michael Starr British Playwright

Michael Starr is an award winning British theatre playwright. His stage and radio plays have been performed around the world, from North America to the Middle East, across Europe and back through to the United Kingdom.

The majority of his work is classified as dark surreal by nature. Most of his theatre stage plays require only single or minimal black box staging, making them a popular choice for festivals, fringes and youth productions.


Blackhaven (2020) They Tiptoe In (2019) The Not so Great Fallout of 1983 (2017) Christmas Evie the Panto (2016) Planet of the Zers (2016) Samantha (2015) A Tail of Forklure (2014) Z is for Zombie (2014) Underline (2013) Santa Claus the Mini Musical (2012) The Curse of Miss Fortune (2011) Superhero Academy (2010) The Orphan Children Play (2010) The Cook Did It! (2009) On the Belgian Front (2008) Leave me Alone! (2007) Stranded (2006)