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TNSGFO of 1983 Tech 08/10/2017

Sunday, October 8th, 2017… Our technical afternoon at St Werburgh’s Community CentreĀ for forthcoming comedy play The Not so Great Fallout of 1983.

TNSGFO of 1983 Rehearsals 01/10/2017

And now, the end is near, and so we face… the final curtain. Literally, our final rehearsal and three script runs completed (go us!). Next week, we’ll be doing our technical and then, performances begin! We are performing in Bristol at The Watershed (next week as I type this! What!!).

Rehearsal time lapse – 13/08/2017

We are well into the swing of rehearsals now for forthcoming surreal comedy, The Not so Great Fallout of 1983. Here’s a time lapse video shot during our session dated 13/08/2017.

TNSGF Of 1983 Read through

We’re excited to confirm our return to action for, what will be, our 8th production. The Not-so-Great Fallout of 1983 is a brand new absurd one act comedy play, written by British playwright Michael Starr, which we will tour this Autumn on the festival circuit (and possibly abroad!).